Welcome to Grace Fellowship!

There is a phrase you will often hear Grace Fellowship that captures the heartbeat of our mission: “spreading the fame of God.” In short, we want to spread God’s fame because He is incredible. There is nothing like the love, grace, kindness, faithfulness, etc. of God. In today’s world, people recognize sport figures and Hollywood personalities for their accomplishments and notoriety, but what about the most significant person in all the universe? We want to spread the fame of God (i.e. “glorify God”) because He is worth it.

How do we spread God’s fame? When the character and priorities of Jesus become visible in our lives, we necessarily spread His fame.  Did you know that this was God’s plan from the moment He created the world? We would love to tell you more about this and how we find our joy in His story.  To do this, we have created a special reception after our Sunday service called Taste of Grace. Also, it is a time uniquely designed for those who are new to our church, to get a cup of coffee, light snack and ask questions about God, life, relationships, or maybe what we believe on a particular subject.  We love to engage and hope to see you soon at Taste of Grace.

Questions about Grace Fellowship?

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Before You Get Here

Sunday Schedule

Corporate Worship : 9:30 AM


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What Should I Wear?

Though the most common dress is casual, style shouldn’t hinder your experience at Grace Fellowship. If you prefer formal dress for worship service, please dress formally. If you prefer casual dress, you have the freedom to dress casually.

Helpful Hint

We recommend allowing extra time for child-care if needed, to grab some coffee, find a seat, and begin to prepare your heart to focus on the Lord.

What Are Some Songs I May Hear?

We sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to God by embracing songs from the past and present in various styles. By putting the Lord at the center of our focus, these songs should encourage the church as a body and the individuals involved.