Leadership & Staff

We believe that a church will be as spiritually healthy as its leadership. Therefore, our leadership seeks to walk in the character and priorities of Jesus. As we follow Christ, those who make Grace Fellowship their church will be cared for and guided in their journey to trust God more in their life and for the lives of others.


At Grace Fellowship all of our elders are pastors, some on staff and some working in the marketplace. We are an elder-led church in which qualified men serve as pastors, caring for the Church and seeking to fulfill the mission of making disciples who can make disciples. A rotating subset of all the elders serve on the Leadership Team which makes governance decisions for the Church.

Tim Bell


Pat Dirrim


Larry Farlow


Marty Kronz


Dan Miller


Ken Rutherford


Zach Watson



The staff meets the day-to-day pastoral needs of the church body and community, as well as setting our organizational pace. Our staff helps us strive for a healthy balance of personal connectivity as well as organizational excellence.

Pat Dirrim

Pastor for Students & Families

Caroline Egan

Administrative Assistant

Eric Groover

Church Planter (DOXA Church)

Dan Miller


Cyndy Roache

Administrative Assistant

Caitlin Stringer

Preschool Director

Zach Watson

Pastor of Corporate Worship and Media

Gary Wetherhold

Director of Counseling, Children and Families


While everyone in a church should willingly serve one another given all that Jesus has freely given to us, a deacon is placed in a unique position of service from among the church members. A deacon is a person who serves in a specific role. In doing this, the individual helps the church fulfill the mission of spreading the fame of God by making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Tim Bell

Financial Counseling

Greg Glaze

Pathway to Membership

Brett Goodell

Community Groups

Mike Lundy


Leslie Mote


Jeff Parry


Kevin Schultz

Corporate Worship

Clayton Slagle


John Stewart


John Voss

Guest Services

Deacons at Large

Our Deacons at Large serve in areas that are more oriented to irregular projects that are not occurring on a consistent basis and yet are needed in order to care for our church. Those who serve in this area are just like any other deacon, they just serve in a unique niche.

Gary Dirrim

Paul Egan

Vicki Voss