Grace Talk, December 2023
Brett Goodell   -  

We value asking questions to better understand how to live life in a God-centered, Christ-exalting way. We believe that church should be the best place in which people can get solid answers to life’s questions from God’s Word.

  1. (01:10) After looking at 1 Pet. 2 with Ken, is it a reasonable and acceptable hermeneutic to look at that passage of Scripture and say that it does not apply to us any longer because it was written to the church at that time and therefore the application of the principles found in the text do not “translate” to our current world and culture?
  2. (13:30) If we are forgiven for our sins, and the blood of Christ has covered the transgression, should we ask for forgiveness today? Could it be offensive to God, a slight against the work of Christ in forgiving us all our sins?
  3. (33:20) Could Leviticus 18 be viewed as a ceremonial law – as foreshadowing the union with Christ and the Church? If so, why would you not disregard this, as you would with other ceremonial laws regarding clothing made of multiple materials?