Grace Talk, September 2023
Brett Goodell   -  

We value asking questions to better understand how to live life in a God-centered, Christ-exalting way. We believe that church should be the best place in which people can get solid answers to life’s questions from God’s Word.

  1. (01:59) The recent seminar on sexuality was very helpful in knowing what the Bible says on the subject as well as how to answer questions. However, I find myself getting angry at how far our culture has devolved. I have even experienced a bitterness at people who flaunt their sexuality, wearing it like a badge of honor. How do I balance standing against perversion and yet for loving my neighbor?
  2. (18:54) How much doubt can a Christian have until he or she begins to doubt whether or not they are a true believer?
  3. (31:00) In Luke 7:18-20, John the Baptist sent two of his disciples to Jesus to ask him if he was the messiah. If John knew who Jesus was and baptized him, why did he ask this question?