Bring Relief to the
Widows & Orphans of Nigeria

Caught in the middle of political unrest, gender-based violence robs its victims of their health, dignity, security, and autonomy. Yet it remains shrouded in a culture of silence. Let's make a difference in the lives of these women and children.

A Common Story of Uncommon Suffering

Portrait of G"Just after my husband’s burial, nomadic Fulani herdsmen in our area attacked our village. They burned, destroyed, and looted. We escaped with only the clothes we were wearing. The entire village was displaced. As of now we cannot go back there."
— G

"When Fulani Jihadists attacked our village, they killed so many of our Christian believers. Others tried to run to our house for safety but we were the top target because of our mission work. My husband told the children and me to find a way to escape through the bush. He hoped to join us with two other men. The house was attacked and all three of them were killed. Our house was burned down, his motorcycle was stolen, and our farmland and other properties were destroyed completely."
— Victoria Markus. Missionary & Widow With 6 Children

"Before they could make a means of escape, the Boko Haram members had engulfed their entire neighborhood. Two of them went to her house where they found her husband. They asked him to deny his faith which he never consented to do. He was asked to lie down and they made his wife and the children watch as he was hacked to death with machetes."
— Rebecca Bitrus, Mother of Seven Children

"Reports provided to the Nigerian government estimate that up to 9,000 women and girls have been abducted since the start of Boko Haram’s insurgency. Mr. Ahmad believes that at least 13,000 more are unaccounted for, and likely even more from areas that are too dangerous to assess."

—NY Times, Sunday Review, January 2017

Be a catalyst for positive change.

We work with and support ministries that offer physical and spiritual sanctuary to victims of gender-based violence in the Nigerian conflict until they heal and are ready for their next season of life.

Houses of Refuge
Houses of Refuge

Providing a secure community in a secure neighborhood just minutes from a hospital that can provide advanced healthcare — counseling, pre and post-natal services, HIV screening, VVF surgery to repair damage from rape and early childbirth, as well as various training courses.

Widow Relief
Widow Relief

Make a real and positive change for these victims of gender-based violence. Various stakeholders provide comprehensive medical care, secure housing, skills training, counseling and for the Christian widow — integration into a local church.

Orphan Care
Orphan Care

Bearing a child conceived in rape carries a stigma for both mother and child. Mothers face rejection from family and village, while the children face infanticide. Many mothers fear they have no other option. We support the rescue of these children through compassionate intervention.

Questions about how you can help?

It's easy to think you can't do anything to help these women and children. But from prayer to financial assistance, there are many ways you can be integral in providing relief for these forgotten people — including bringing them the hope of Christ.